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Tarot Card Meanings: The Star, The Moon, and The Sun
Tarot Card Meanings: The Star, The Moon, and The Sun
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The Star

The Star is the number seventeenth card of the Major arcana. Numerologically No 1 + 7 = 8 indicates action, movement and swiftness. And it is associated with astrological sign of Aquarius. Some people call it wish card too which always give encouraging news that difficult period is over and difficult situation will improve and also sometimes dreams come true.

There is one big star with eight points say work associated with strength and justice and number eight tells action, stability and persistence. Seven stars around one big star indicate seven planets. Pouring water indicates the inexhaustible source and supply of Water of Life. The eight pointed star with the other stars radiate with the sense of peace.

If you are facing problems in life like bad health, a dead end job or difficult and stressful relationship; the appearances of the Star indicates positive changes and tells you the situation will improve and continue getting better.

The star also suggests you to keep balance between other areas of life. For example; paying attention to your family; fulfilling work commitments; enjoying active social life and taking care of your health.

Star is the card of birth of infinite possibilities of life. This is an extremely optimistic card which brings hope renewal of trust and faith and unexpected gifts. New enterprises will have chance of good success.

With above positivity the star denotes artistic and educational matters too and promises success in these endeavours. Travels are also indicated with this card like enjoyable vacations. Good health and improvements in health matters are also seen if you are ill. And with the appearance of the star card you feel an insight into your spiritual realm. So with the appearance of the star you are able to experience and channel a healing energy into your life, and feel the sense of calmness and relief to see positive future in every endeavour.

The Moon

The moon is No.18 card of the Major Arcana. Numerologically, it is 1+8=9, fullness, readiness and ripeness. It is associated with the astrological sign Pisces. The clouds indicate uncertainty and our fears; flowing water indicates flowing nature of our inner feelings. Reflection of the moon in the water tells you to put your fears aside and give heed to your intuitiveness.

The appearance of the moon card indicates that you should try to listen to the messages which the dreams tell. And you will be able to find the answers yourself if you pay attention to your inner feelings or intuition.

You should not take things at the face value as everyone knows “all that glitters is not gold”, you will need to be careful towards deceits. The weak and bleak light of the moon still shows the way even if you lose sight of your g

On the positive note The Moon is a card of imagination of inner feelings, say about art, writing or music. The work of aesthetic world might be inspired by the emotional ups n downs.

The changing light of moon guides us to look at the things properly in its true forms. It shows a confused situation, nothing is clear as if you are surrounded by fog. Moon indicates the sub-conscious mind and thus can help you to give you a clearer answer to your question if you can filter the message properly in your dreams or we can say what message your unconscious mind is giving you.

The Sun

The Sun is No. 19th card of Major Arcana in tarot. Numerologically No.19 is 1+9=10 means completion, accomplishments and pinnacles. And 10 is 1+0=1 starting, new beginnings and opportunities. A naked child rides the horse holding banner in his hand indicates triumph.The wall of sunflowers denote the four elements; Air, Water, Fire and The Earth. The Sun card is associated with astrological sign of Leo.

The Sun is most positive and the best card in entire Tarot deck. It fore tells good health, happy times, love, romantic situation, children and enjoyment. The Sun can represent birth of something enjoyable; it can be a child, a new relationship, a marriage, or a project which will be successful.

If you have difficulties in your life the appearance of The Sun card indicates triumph over the bad period of your life. It dispels negativity and brings happiness

In health matters if they are troublesome will soon improve and you feel energetic.

The Sun card is a card for promotion and success in the field of career. The Sun card represents purpose, planning and action towards desired goals.

In relationship the reunion of friends, marriage and partnership are also indicated positively. And efforts are being put in towards creativity and growth. Successful union based on commitments is denoted with this card.

A happy face of the Sun depicts positive time to come ahead. It raises hopes and brings feeling of inner peace. Its time for healing and you are at peace with yourself.

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